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  • [Enquiry] ***:Anti-Dust Cover (Time Travel) (2017-05-30 11:53:34)
    Hi there... Wish to find out "Anti-Dust Cover (Time Travel)" izzit just the cover without DIY set?
    Admin Replied:
    Yes, its only anti-dust cover and the base.
  • [Enquiry] ***:Lego elves series (2017-05-22 12:55:11)
    Hi I am looking for elves secret market, code: 41176. Do u have stock? Can whatsapp me at 012-236 2736 Thank you! Chang Ren.
    Admin Replied:
    Hi, Lego Elves 41176 was sold out. Sorry.
  • [Message] ***:Payment Done (2017-04-03 18:23:36)
    Hi there, payment done for order no: 2017040322174. Bank: Public bank, payment time & date: 03-04-2017 18:18:17, amount RM219. Reference number: 330448
    Admin Replied:
    Noted with thanks. Order will be sent out tomorrow.
  • [Message] ***:PAYMENT DONE (2017-03-20 13:05:39)
    Order number:2017032072981 Payment bank:Maybank Payment date & time:20/3/2017, 1.02PM Amount :RM136
    Admin Replied:
    Thanks. Order sent.
  • [Enquiry] ***:Collect at shop (2017-03-15 23:01:01)
    Hi, wonderful stuff you have. I will be in Penang in April for PIFF. Can I order online and self collect at your shop? Or can I buy them directly at your shop? Thank you
    Admin Replied:
    Hi, yes, you may direct purchase from our store. But we are more recommend you to browse it online first. You may also whatsapp to us at 019-4737827. Thanks.
  • [Enquiry] ***:ENQUIRY (2016-08-09 10:20:43)
    Hi, want to u hv stock for DIY my best friend (Girl Series) Bedroom? Thanks, Chin
    Admin Replied:
    Sorry, do you mean this set?
    Yes, have stock.
  • [Enquiry] ***:On site pick up (2016-08-09 09:51:19)
    Hi, i have whatsapped to the mobile this morning, attached w few products enquire on availability. However, it doesnt seems to have received the message. Is the number still in use? May I know is the shop open today? Thank you for your kind attention.
    Admin Replied:
    Sorry for late reply. We have replied your whatsapp.
  • [Message] ***:Payment made (2016-08-01 10:39:32)
    Hi, I've made the payment for order 2016073139388, via online banking to public bank acc for RM104.90. I've email the proof of payment to you. Thank you.
    Admin Replied:
    Noted with thanks. Your order will be posted today.
  • [Message] ***:English Instruction Book (2016-07-24 18:10:44)
    Hi i need english instruction book for my order 2016072401339.Thank you. Please send it to my e-mail.
    Admin Replied:
    Hi, we have emailed to you. Thanks.
  • [Message] ***:Payment done (2016-06-16 02:19:16)
    Dear seller, I have make a payment for order no.2016061613304, kindly refer to the email for proof of payment.Thanks
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